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 If you want to be part of a fast-paced business and a rapidly growing company, check out our job opportunities at SIRCO:

Below is a list of employment opportunities available at SIRCO. Please send your resume to or FAX at (530) 402-4031


Full time positions are eligible for excellent medical, dental, vision & 401K benefits

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Position:                                      SIRCO BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Date of Announcement          July 1, 2024

Closing Date:                             September 30, 2024

Description:                               (2) Open Positions- November 2024 through October 2027. Applicants                                                            do not have to reside in Lassen County and must be 18 years old or                                                                older, $600 stipend per month.

All interested applicants must submit a letter of interest, a resume, tribal Id/documentation, and a completed SIRCO Board application form by email, fax, or mail to:

Mail:      Ericia Allison, Office Manager

    PO Box 1006

    Herlong, CA 96113

Fax:       (530) 725-4088


​All forms will be available via the SIRCO website, office, or contact the SIRCO Office Manager at or (530) 252-4209 Ext. 3.


*PLEASE NOTE: SIRCO will only consider applicants who complete and submit all forms and documents to the SIRCO Office Manager. Applications must be postmarked by September 30, 2024.





Position:                                      SIRCO Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Date of Announcement:         May 1, 2024


Closing Date:                              Open Until Filled


Description:                                The CEO of SIRCO has full responsibility for overseeing the daily                                                                       operations of both the SIRCO corporate office and its business                                                                         enterprises. Applicants must either reside in Lassen County or its                                                                   surrounding areas or be willing to relocate prior to starting. The                                                                       applicant must meet the job description criteria and requirements.




  1. Completed SIRCO Employment Application

  2. Cover Letter

  3. Resume

  4. Four (4) professional or personal references that include the following: Name, address, phone number, and email address.

  5. Tribal ID or documentation (if claiming Tribal Preference)




Mail:    Ericia Allison, Office Manager

  PO Box 1006

  Herlong, CA 96113

Fax:     (530) 725-4088



All forms will be available via the SIRCO website, office, or contact the SIRCO

Office Manager at or (530) 252-4209 Ext. 3.


*PLEASE NOTE: SIRCO will only consider applicants who complete and submit all forms and documents to the SIRCO Office Manager.

​​​CEO Job Description


TITLE:                                            CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

DEPARTMENT:                          SIRCO

REPORTS TO:                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS

SALARY:                                     $135,000 - $150,000

LOCATION:                                HERLONG, CA




The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has full responsibility for the daily operations of the SIRCO corporate office and enterprises in accordance with SIRCO strategic plan, operating/business plans, and annual budgets, all as approved by the Board of Directors (Board). The approval of the Board shall be required for all significant decisions that are outside of the ordinary course of SIRCO business, including major financings, acquisitions, budgets and capital expenditures.

The CEO provides effective leadership and vision for SIRCO to grow responsibly, in a profitable and sustainable manner. This position plans, organizes and implements a comprehensive economic development strategy to promote the development, growth, and diversification of the Susanville Indian Rancheria economic base, assists in the management and expansion of existing businesses to meet the current and future needs of the Tribe.



Leadership and supervision will follow the Board’s management expectations, compliance with Board policy for approval of items requiring Board action, and ensure achievement of the SIRCO operations, financial goals and objectives.

Business Management

  • Develop and implement an annual SIRCO corporate business plan (also known as the Annual Operating Plan), which includes the business plans of the individual SIRCO enterprises, operational requirements, organizational structure, staffing, and budgets that support the SIRCO Strategic Plan.

  • Provide leadership and supervision of enterprise senior managers and management of the daily affairs of SIRCO within the guidelines and processes established by the Board.

  • Ensure expenditure of funds in accordance with the Annual Budget, directions and performance standards issued by the Board, and be responsible for the financial health of the Corporations. Present contracts to the Board for approval and authority for execution per Board policy. Monitor and keep the Board informed of the SIRCO programmatic and financial performance.

  • Direct and manage all the business activity of SIRCO and its employees and contractors while creating an environment in which the staff at all levels takes pride and ownership in their contributions to the Corporation.


Financial/Risk Management


  • Plan, direct, coordinate, and ensure appropriate financial, procurement, and investment policies for the SIRCO and its enterprises are in place, maintained, and disclosed. These include accounting, fiscal reports, debt management, treasury functions including cash management, investments, and business licensing administration, regulatory certifications and compliance with all regulatory requirements, sales tax administration, real estate, risk management, and purchasing.

  • Establish and maintain proper controls and systems to identify and manage business risks and ensure that such risks are acceptable to the Board and are within the guidelines established by the Board.

  • Establish and maintain SIRCO internal controls over financial reporting through appropriate policies and procedures. Approve commitments within the limits of delegated approval authorization.


Governance and Communication

  • Effectively. timely and regularly communicate with the Board, provide the Board with the required information to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations and fully comply with the Board’s requests.

  • Develop and maintain relationships and build partnerships with key individuals, groups, organizations, and levels of government.

  • Develop public statements on behalf of the SIRCO and acquire Board approval prior to dissemination.




  • Foster a corporate culture that promotes ethical practices, encourages individual integrity, and maintains a positive and ethical work climate that is conducive to attracting, retaining, and motivating top-quality employees at all levels.

  • Provide leadership and vision to manage SIRCO in the best interests of its shareholder. Provide leadership in setting the Mission, Vision, Principles, Values, Strategic Plan, and Annual Operating/Business Plan of SIRCO, in collaboration with the Board.

  • Lead the growth of SIRCO business in a profitable and sustainable manner through resourceful people, capitalizing on superior assets, innovation and operating in a socially responsible manner.


Organizational Effectiveness, Succession

  • Hires senior management staff, provides them with effective guidance and leadership, monitors performance of senior management, conducts annual evaluations, and provides feedback and training as appropriate.

  • Ensures that the SIRCO has an effective senior management team, ensure that the Board has regular exposure to those team members, and foster effective relationships between the Board, senior management and staff.

  • Where applicable, develop and implement succession plans for the CEO and senior management staff in accordance with the SIRCO preference goals and objectives of the Corporation.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Integrity                                                   

  • Provide leadership to management in support of the SIRCO’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Set the ethical tone for the SIRCO and its management to include: (i) overseeing the administration, implementation, and compliance with SIRCO policies and procedures; (ii) take all reasonable steps to satisfy the Board’s expectations concerning the integrity of the CEO and other senior officers; and,

  • Take all reasonable steps to satisfy the Board that the CEO and other senior officers create a culture of integrity throughout the organization.


Community Leadership and Relationships

  • Be a community leader and ensure that SIRCO, on behalf of the Board, contributes to the well-being and improvement of the communities in which it operates.

  • Serve as the principal liaison for the SIRCO on behalf of the Board, including effective management of relations with SIRCO stakeholders, such as the Susanville Indian Rancheria Tribe, the communities in which SIRCO operates, customers, creditors, suppliers, the media, governments, non-governmental organizations and the general public.

  • Be responsible for communicating the SIRCO Mission, Vision, Principles, Values, and, as appropriate, Strategic and Operating Business Plans to internal and external stakeholders.

  • Must become knowledgeable about the Susanville Indian Rancheria culture and maintain a high level of respect and sensitivity for its unique customs and practices.

  • Must make a strong professional and visible presence on the Susanville Indian Rancheria Reservation and establish effective relationships and partnerships with Tribal leadership through regular visits to the Susanville Indian Rancheria Reservation.


CEO Performance

  • With the Board, participate in updating the CEO Position Description, as required.

  • With the Board, participate in developing the CEO Annual Performance Standards consisting of personal and corporate goals and objectives aligned with the SIRCO Mission, Vision, Principles, Values, Strategic Plan and Annual Operating Plan, as well as other indicators of the CEO’s performance.


  1. Masters Degree in Business Administration or related field and five years management experience in economic or business development or an equivalent combination of education and experience, including supervisory experience.

  2. Knowledge and experience of the principles of economic and statistical analysis, development of marketing plans and strategies, report preparation and presentations, small business development, and organizational development.

  3. Experience with business loans, understanding financing options, analysis and other related skills necessary to secure business financing.

  4. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, strong interpersonal skills.

  5. Ability to effectively maintain working relationships with the Rancheria community, as well as the relevant federal, state and local governments and the local community.

  6. Ability to interpret and communicate complex transactions into understandable terms.

  7. Understanding of the unique characteristics, opportunities and risks associated with economic development of Tribal businesses.

  8. Ability to understand and access federal and state grants and other funding sources available to Tribes.

  9. Ability to work closely with the Tribal Business Council and the SIRCO Board of Directors  to develop and implement a long-range strategic business plan.

  10. Strong skills and experience in business management to oversee development and operation of current and future Tribal businesses.

  11. Individual must be entrepreneurial, honest, have a strong work ethic, be a self-starter and self- confident.

  12. Competency with computers and relevant applications, including use of spreadsheets and power point programs.

  13. Must cooperate with and pass a background check that includes financial history.

  14. Must be willing to travel as necessary.

  15. Valid driver’s license with no more than five MVR points as determined by the Susanville Indian Rancheria insurance provider.

  16. Preference will be given to a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe.

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