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Doing business in Indian Country can be challenging. There may be cultural differences and unique challenges to interfacing large, sophisticated operations with tribal entities. Tribal elections can change the complexion of the Tribal Council and the appetite for business development can change, leaving potential partners without options in the face of adverse business decisions. This, coupled with the complexities of Tribal Sovereign Immunity, can create a business development environment that might not be rewarding to potential partners. These issues are fairly well known in the business community, so when the principals and Tribal Council of the Susanville Indian Rancheria decided to embark on a long-term economic development strategy, they recognized the need to conduct business differently, that is, create a system whereby SIRCO’s partners were equally protected and fairly treated throughout the business development cycle. At the time of SIRCO’s creation, its founders understood the need to develop a tribal company that would be unique in its ability to provide a fair and equitable foundation for success, not only for itself but for the partners that would align themselves with SIRCO. Applicants to the SIRCO Board must possess a pro-business strategy, and must be aligned with the overall development strategy of SIRCO. SIRCO, under its Section 17 Federal Charter, also has the ability to issue limited waivers of Sovereign Immunity on a contractual basis, thus protecting its partners with a “sue and be sued” clause. With these protections, SIRCO truly runs like a Fortune-1000 company and can offer its partners a fair and equitable opportunity when partnerships are created. If you or your company decides to partner with SIRCO, you will find an urgent and diligent partner that will work hard to protect your interests. We understand how to properly create an environment whereby all parties benefit from the business relationship.

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